Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mule Deer Diary - Bow Hunting

Pursuing the wide-open plains bucks of eastern Wyoming.

Story and photos by Chuck Frick

Mule deer hunting conjures up images of towing mountains, pine forests, rocky outcrops, green valleys and mountain streams. You pack in by foot or on horseback, set up base camp and then, climbing thousands of feet, go out in search of the elusive mulie buck to glass and stalk.

But, in my mind, none of that was going to happen. I am in what I think is pretty good shape for my age. I work out on a regular basis and walk frequently, but I can’t handle that kind of hunt. I wanted to have the opportunity to hunt mule deer, but the venue was going to have to be different.

Bow hunt
In August 2010, I was hunting antelope with Table Mountain Outfitter owner Scott Denny in Wyoming. We were seeing lots of mule deer going to and coming from the blind. The terrain was something I could handle and the elevation would not be a problem. I asked Scott, who operates the business with his wife, Angie, about their archery mule deer hunts. What Scott told me made a favorable impression, and I booked a mule deer hunt to begin Sept. 1, 2011.

Day One

Scott Heit was my guide, and we left camp before daylight. Scott had to drop off one hunter at a blind to hunt antelope, and then we drove to an area near an alfalfa field. Because we were running late, the deer were already leaving the field by the time we got to a suitable spot to glass. Scott and I started walking and glassing for deer. We saw several bucks and a couple of nice ones, but they were on their way to a bedding area, and we were never able to try a stalk. I walked a lot that morning.

That afternoon Scott dropped me off at a remote blind that had been frequented by deer the year before. The water hole had dried up and the only water was in a little catch basin. I did not see an animal except for some cattle about a mile away at another water hole.

Day Two

Scott left me where we were the previous morning while he took the other hunter to his blind. As I came over a rise, I saw a buck below. I sat down until he disappeared in a gully. I then hurried down the hill and just got to the bottom when I saw what I thought was the same buck, and he saw me. He was not startled, so I eased down in the gully and tried to follow. No luck.

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